A Local's Guide to St. Thomas: Private Airport Transportation

A Local's Guide to St. Thomas: Private Airport Transportation

You’ve booked your flights to St. Thomas and arranged your accommodations for your stay. Now you just need to figure out how to get from the St. Thomas airport to ferry service or your resort. If you have opted not to rent a car, private St. Thomas airport transportation provides the best option for reaching your ultimate destination, even if that destination is St. John or a British Virgin Island. Many tourists arrive with the intention of taking a taxi from the airport, but the truth about St. Thomas taxi service is that fares are not metered, rates vary significantly based on the area of the island you are traveling to, and guests are charged per person and per piece of luggage. Contrasted with the uncertainty that comes with taxi service from the airport, private airport transportation is a sure thing with rates and quality of service. I have your local insight to help you decide which St. Thomas airport transportation option is better for you:


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What’s included in private airport transportation?

  • A pre-screened, friendly driver- We are happy you decided to visit St. Thomas on your vacation, and you deserve a warm welcome. Private drivers will be waiting for you with a smile, answer your questions, and provide a cheerful St. Thomas welcome to the start of your vacation and a fond farewell on your taxi journey back home.

  • Luggage- If you’ve got a Large Group, are staying for a while, or maybe you just really love shoes, you don’t want to worry about paying bag fees at the airline and then to transport them to and from Cyril E. King airport and your hotel. With private airport transportation, bags ride free, so you can bring all your children and all your shoes.

  • Group accommodations- When you travel with all your friends or bring along extended family, we understand you want to stick together. You can’t leave Ashley’s boyfriend or cousin Joe to just fend for himself because the van is full. Private St. Thomas airport transportation taxis will accommodate 1 to 100, or more if you’re bringing everyone! We’ll keep everyone together no matter the group size. 


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What are the benefits?

  • A convenient, private taxi- The days of waiting on the curb for the van to fill up with other miscellaneous travellers are over. As a parent, I am all too familiar with how these precious moments spent in queue can seem like a lifetime with an unhappy child. With private St. Thomas airport transportation, you get off the plane and into the taxi: simple, convenient, and fussy-baby friendly. Say goodbye to 5 stops before your resort as your driver will bring you straight to your destination to get you and your family settled into St. Thomas and on vacation as soon as possible. And if you're staying in St. John, you simply cannot afford to waste precious minutes waiting to get from the St. Thomas airport to Red Hook ferry. With private transportation, you are the only priority which means your ferry schedule is too.

  • Set price- No need to worry about the runaround on rates per person or whether your bag is charged as large or small. You’ll get an affordable price straight and receive it before your St. Thomas vacation so no negotiating or grey areas on taxi fares.

  • Pre-paid transportation- St. Thomas taxis are cash only throughout the island, but with private airport transportation, you pay ahead your affordable rate online, so you can get those much-deserved travel points on your credit card. Don’t worry about calculating fares or counting bags, you’ll only need cash to tip your friendly driver.

  • Quality guarantee- Whether you’re new to the island or you’ve visited for 20 years, we want you to feel at home the moment you land in St. Thomas for your vacation. Private airport transportation guarantees a warm welcome to the island and friendly service. The start of your St. Thomas vacation can set the tone for the rest of it, so you’ll want it to start off with a smile. 


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Our private airport transportation service has available pick-up for all incoming flights to Cyril E. King airport or the private jet center and drop-off anywhere on St. Thomas, including service from the St. Thomas airport to Red Hook or Charlotte Amalie ferry terminals for transport to St. John and British Virgin Islands. Service is conveniently available as one-way or round-trip transport. Visit our Airport Transportation page for information on our affordable rates. Start your St. Thomas vacation off the right way for you and your family with stress-free, welcoming, convenient private airport transportation. 


Be sure to check out our Excursions page for the best excursions in St. Thomas and St. John! If you have any questions about private transportation from the St. Thomas airport to ferry services, hotels, or villas, or any inquiries about the islands, call or e-mail us for authentic local insight! 


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A guide for St. Thomas private airport taxi. Affordable, private St. Thomas taxi service for flights to Cyril E. King airport.
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