St Thomas: Havensight Restaurant Guide

St Thomas: Havensight Restaurant Guide

When I first visited St. Thomas years ago on vacation, I came off of a cruise ship. Havensight Mall was the first encounter I had with the island. I remember the local music playing and enjoying the Caribbean breeze as I browsed the open shops before boarding a safari bus to the beach. I fell in love with St. Thomas then and there, and that’s why I’ve made the island my home and have stayed throughout the years.

If you’re coming to St. Thomas off on a cruise vacation, Havensight Mall will likely be your warm welcome to the island too. A visit to the Havensight Mall is one of the top things to do in St. Thomas for cruisers as it features souvenir shops, jewelry stores, and many restaurants for breakfast and lunch. Extended visitors can also enjoy a great dinner in Havensight or hop between the many pubs in the area. Let me be your local guide through the Havensight Mall to get the cuisine you desire and the best eats in the area:

Havensight Mall- Dining within the shopping center

Beni Iguana’s- (L,D) Sushi

Delly Deck- (B,L) Sandwiches & Salads

Gourmet Gallery- (B,L,D) Market with salad station and grab-n-go

Great Wall- (L,D) Chinese

Rum Hut- (L,D) Pizza & Bar

Senior Frogs- (L,D) Bar & Grill

The Smoking Rooster- (B,L,D) BBQ & Sports Bar, Brunch Sat & Sun

Wendy’s- (L,D) Fast Food

Across the Street- A short walk across from Havensight Mall

Barefoot Buddha- (B,L,D) Sandwiches & Salads

Benito’s Burritos- (L,D) Mexican

Captain’s Terrace- (L,D)  BBQ, Caribbean, Dinner Fri & Sat

China King- (L,D) Chinese

Cravin’ Crabs- (D) Seafood

Hooters- (L,D) Bar & Grill

Paradise Point- (L,D) Bar & Grill

Pizza Amore- (L,D) Pizza

Subway- (L,D) Sandwiches & Salads

The Dog House Pub- (B,L,D) Sports Bar & Grill

Yacht Haven Grande- A short walkway from Havensight Mall

Bad Ass Coffee- (B,L) Coffee, Baked Goods, Sandwiches

Da Lime in de Coconut- Rum Bar

Fat Turtle- (L,D) Bar & Grill

Fresh Bistro- (L,D) Mediterranean

Grande Cru- (D) Fusion

Havensight Mall is a great area for Shopping and marvelling at the massive ships during the day while also offering after-hours eats and boozy treats. The Havensight Mall is also equipped with a market, postal service, drug store, and bank for any services you may need. If you’ve rented a car in St. Thomas or taken a taxi to Havensight Mall, each of these spots are within walking distance of each other, making it easy to explore the area, sample the restaurants, and try a cocktail or two. You’ll want to include a visit to Havensight Mall on your St. Thomas vacation for a great meal!  To learn more about dining in St. Thomas, make sure you visit our Locals Guide to St Thomas Restaurants.

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A restaurant guide for Havensight Mall in St. Thomas and info on restaurants. Discover the many cuisines offered in the Havensight Mall area.
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