Red Hook: Restaurant Guide

Red Hook: Restaurant Guide

Red Hook is located on the East End of the island, one of five locally designated regions of St. Thomas. If we had official regions, Red Hook would be the capital of the East End of St. Thomas, featuring restaurants, shops, markets, etc. If you’re staying on the East End, it is the most convenient dining option with the most selection. Red Hook is also one of two areas of the island that are really open and populated after dark, making it the perfect area to visit for dinner in St. Thomas if you’re looking to walk around and experience part of the island or searching for some nightlife.


As a resident of the East End of St. Thomas, I frequently visit Red Hook and have dined at all the restaurants in this area. With wine bars, sushi, and even an Irish pub, I’ve got your local guide to navigating the Red Hook dining scene:


Breakfast- Coffee and bagels, to something Irish, and even brunch

Lattes in Paradise- Locally brewed coffee, pastries, breakfast sandwiches

Fish Tails- Standard breakfast fare available with a seafood twist


Jackpots- Coffee and pastries


Molly Malone’s- Standard breakfast fare with Irish options

Melt- Mexican-style brunch  (Saturdays and Sundays only)

XO Bistro- Brunch (Saturdays and Sundays only)


Lunch, Dinner, or a Party in a Glass

A Meal With Your Beer- Island bar atmosphere, pub fare

Caribbean Saloon (L,D)

Island Time Pub (D)

X on St. Thomas (L,D)

Senior Frogs (L,D)

Duffy’s Love Shack (L,D)

Fatty’s (L,D)

Topside Island Cuisine & Rum Bar (L,D)


On The Lighter Side- Sandwiches and grab and go fare

Jackpots (Ice cream, coffee, and pastries)

Lattes in Paradise (L) (Grab and go sandwiches)

Moe’s Fresh Market (L,D) (Deli counter and daily specials)

Subway (L,D)


One Hit Wonders- One dish specialties

Senior Pizza (L,D) (Pizza)

Taco Hell (L,D) (Taco Stand)


Around the World in Red Hook- International and specialty cuisines

Texas Pit BBQ (L) BBQ

XO Bistro (L,D)  Seafood, Steak, & Wine Bar

Pesce (D) Italian

Fish Tails (L,D) Seafood, Sushi

RAW (D) Sushi

Melt (L,D) Mexican

Molly Malone’s (L,D) Irish Pub

Saki House (L,D) Japanese, Thai, Sushi

Shawarma Time (L,D) Mediterranean

Peking Tokyo (L,D) Japanese


After Midnight- After hours bar scene   

           X on St. Thomas- open until 1:27am

Melt- open until 2am

XO Bistro- open until 2am

Senior Frogs- open until 2am

Duffy’s Love Shack- open until 2am

Caribbean Saloon- open until 4am

Fatty’s- open until 4am

Taco Hell- serving until 3am


The Red Hook ferry terminal provides service to St. John from St. Thomas every hour on the hour with the last ferry returning at midnight, expanding dining options to include restaurants in St. John for just $14 round trip fare. Red Hook is a diverse area of St. Thomas with a variety of restaurants and services. During the day and around dinner time, Red Hook is a family-friendly area that is safe to peruse well after-dark, and after midnight, the scene changes to more of a party environment, often featuring DJs for nightlife. Keep all of these Red Hook options in mind as you plan your dining itinerary to suit you and your fellow travellers for your St. Thomas vacation.  To learn more about dining in St. Thomas, make sure you visit our Local's Guide to St. Thomas Restaurants





A local guide for the Red Hook area of St. Thomas and info on restaurants. Discover the many cuisines and restaurants offered in Red Hook, St. Thomas.
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