Vessup Bay
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Vessup Bay


Vessup Bay is one of the prettiest beaches on St. Thomas. Locals and visitors frequently visit the beach to witness its beautiful shoreline full of various cacti, flora, sea grapes, and indigenous plants. Although Vessup Bay looks like a home beach, as chickens can easily be spotted, the environment is relaxed and quiet. The trees along the shore provide a natural shed and picture-perfect scenery. Enjoy the view of the neighboring islands at a distance.


Vessup Bay is located on the East End of St. Thomas island. The beach features soft white sand, ideal for sunbathing. There are also beautiful small stones on the coastline. The rocky right side of the beach is known for standing pictures. The shore extends wide, providing you with sufficient space for nature walks. Also, enjoy the sunset view on the rocky side of the beach. The calm, crystal-clear water is ideal for swimming. The beach may sometimes be trashy due to the seaweed. The seagrass along the shore is, however, raked and cleaned frequently. If you want some lonely time visit the beach during the week when it is lightly populated. However, you do not wish to miss the exciting weekend parties. This makes the beach ideal for weekend picnics and birthday parties. In the morning, you will not miss seeing people having physical exercise.



Available amenities include snorkeling, parking, and swimming. Children will find it fun to swim with floats. To have a better view of the sea bed, you will have to rent snorkeling gears. You will also see a variety of colorful fish while swimming. However, you’re advised to avoid the rocky sides of the beach while swimming because the beach is very rocky. Suppose you’re unsure of the areas to avoid while swimming; asked those familiar with the beach. Picnic tables are also available under the natural shade. Enjoy your food and drinks under the natural shed watching the waters. There is no entry fee, so visit the beach at your convenient time.



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