Boat Rental San Juan Puerto Rico - A Local's Guide

Boat Rental San Juan Puerto Rico - A Local's Guide

Puerto Rico has the best of Caribbean beaches, but in a boat rental you will enjoy the best crystal water. In your vacations you can find different  boat rentals around the island and you will have the opportunity to explore different regions of Puerto Rico.


  1. Rental boats in La Parguera

La Parguera, located in the town of Lajas along the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, is a fishing village. The best attraction there is La Parguera Nature Reserve - one of the best places to visit and enjoy exploring keys and cays under the sun doing water activities in the clearest water. To go to the different cays, you will have to rent a boat and you can find the companies in the little waterfront plaza, which also has restaurants, some souvenir shops, and a number of boat ramps.

If you want to explore the cays in La Parguera, my suggestion is to rent a boat with anticipation, but if you are on vacation in a low session, maybe you have the opportunity to rent the boat at the last minute. The days with the most movement are the weekends, saturdays and sundays. Some of these boat rentals give you the opportunity to do snorkeling and diving. Also, if you have a boat license, you may qualify to rent a skiff (or yola, as known in Puerto Rico).You just need to show the boat license and pay the hours you want to rent the boat.

La Parguera Laias Puerto Rico


  1. La Barra Salada P.R.

In this Tiki Bar you will enjoy life in the tropics, visiting the most beautiful cays of La Parguera. During the trip, around 4 hours for up to 6 people, the capital plays your favorite music. In this bar, you will need to bring your favorite beverages and if you would like the captain to cook any food in the BBQ, you need to bring it. This company also offers another tour called Floating table for up to 4 people. My recommendation is to bring your beach shoes and don't forget your sunblock. Relax and enjoy paradise!

Floating Table
Floating Bar


  1. Catamarán to Icacos

Rent a catamarán to go to Cayo Icacos, often referred to as Icacos island, is the largest and most picturesque of the cays. The experience in a catamarán on your way to Cayo Icaco is incredible. Some companies who offer this kind of service have the option to pick up the tourists in hotels in the San Juan area.

The trip takes around 45 minutes to Icacos. Duration of the excursion is 5 hours while making stops to Lobos Island, where you will have the opportunity to swim with turtles and sometimes Palomino. It includes: snorkeling equipment, flotation belts, rum cocktails, soft drinks, and pre-packed lunch provided by the friendly bilingual crew.  If you have luck, you will have the opportunity to see the dolphins around the water.

Remember to be aware of the latest protocol updates due COVID-19.

Cayo Icacos


  1. Water Taxi to Icacos

If you don’t have the chance to reserve a trip to Cayo Icacos in a catamarán, a water taxi is a perfect option for you. The difference is the captain of the water taxi boat picks you up in Las Croabas, located in Fajardo in the morning, around nine o’clock. You can be in icacos island until around four o’clock, but you can make an agreement with the captain of the boat for the pickup time.  

In your preparation to go to see the turquoise waters, make sure you take with you a cooler with water, your favorite beverages, snacks, and please, don't forget your sunblock and a beach umbrella because in the island you will not find shade.

Cayo Icacos


  1. Luxury Boat Rental

If you are looking for a private boat rental to go to Cayo Icacos, Palomino or even for the island of Culebra in your vacations, in Puerto Rico you have the opportunity to have it. The trip, exclusively with your friends and family, includes snorkeling equipment, floaters, music on the boat, six hours of tour, water, local beers (Medalla light), soft drinks, and a cooler for your convenience.


Explore marine life and enjoy the best attractions in Puerto Rico!

Flamenco Beach
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